Beauties from the violin repertoire

Lately, I’ve been re-listening a lot of violin pieces. Then I thought to myself: what’s nicer than sharing your love for pieces with others? Here’s a list of pieces with some of my favourites from the violin repertoire. You can find recordings of the pieces underneath this post. Sonata for violin and continuo No. 2 […]

The experience of a lifetime

Dear everyone, As said and promised we’re back with a new article on our blog. Like we mentioned in the previous article, we have been away with the Ricciotti Ensemble. It’s been already a bit more than three weeks since we got back from our tour in the Netherlands. It was truly an amazing and […]

Back to business

Hello lovely people, As you might have noticed we’ve been away for a while, because we have been on tour with the amazing Ricciotti Ensemble from the Netherlands. We’re excited to tell you about our experiences with this street symphony orchestra. We will post an article and maybe even a video about our tour soon, […]

Beauty from Galicia

Stop with whatever you’re doing and read this beautiful poem written by Celso Emilio Ferreiro, a Galician writer! Unfortunately, I don’t understand Galician, but thankfully there is an English translation of the poem ‘Romance perdido de fin de ano’, taken from his book ‘Longa noite de pedra’. The poem doesn’t need much introduction, the beauty speaks for itself. So […]