Beauties from the violin repertoire

Lately, I’ve been re-listening a lot of violin pieces. Then I thought to myself: what’s nicer than sharing your love for pieces with others? Here’s a list of pieces with some of my favourites from the violin repertoire. You can find recordings of the pieces underneath this post. Sonata for violin and continuo No. 2 […]

Stravinsky illustrated

Hi everyone, It’s been a week since my last blog, so time for a new one! This past week I’ve been busy studying my part for the piece Dumbarton Oaks, which is written by Igor Stravinsky. In April, we will perform this piece at the conservatory. This piece is a chamber concerto for a small group […]

La La Land

I know that I should probably start an article about the violin first, but I am too excited about the movie that has been all over the media lately: La La Land. Maybe this blog won’t add anything new to the tons of information that is already available on the internet, but I wanted to […]