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It’s finally the nicest time of the year: summer! This post is going to be about my holiday with my boyfriend in Prague. It won’t be a regular post in which I describe what I’ve seen and done. I decided that I want to tell a little story with every picture that I placed in this post. I haven’t taken a lot of photo’s to be honest, but I did film a lot with my camera. Later, I will upload a video of my little trip and you’ll be able to see a bigger image of what I’ve been up to! If you haven’t been to Prague yet, it’s definetely a city to go to, especially if you like city trips. It’s not a very hectic city, the historical city center is bea-u-ti-ful and it’s not very expense either.


  1. View from the Petřín Tower


This was really incredible! The Petřín Tower, which is a small copy of the Eiffel Tower, stands on a hill in Prague. You can easily reach it by using the funicular railway, or if you like to walk, you can walk up the hill. We didn’t go for the second option, because it was one of the last things we did on the day and we were already a bit tired of walking. When you get up in the tower there are two levels on which you can stand and take pictures. This was the highest level of the tower. It also had the best view over the city. On the left, you see the Castle District, which is lovely to visit if you like historical venues. On the right side, you see the river Moldau that goes through Prague.


2. St. Vitus Cathedral inside Castle District


When you walk in the Castle complex you bump into a big and beautiful cathedral. I especially love the mosaic details of the Last Judgement that you can see on the second picture. I was standing here for quite a while, trying to take a good picture of the church. Because it’s so big, I wasn’t able to put the whole cathedral on one photo. Next to that, I was definitely not the only person standing on the square in front of the church, so that made it even more impossible to take a good photo.



3. Municipal House – Smetana Hall


This is one of my favourite places in the world because it has a special meaning to me. My mommy sang as a soloist in Carmina Burana by Carl Orff in the Smetana Hall. It was amazing to see her perform here and I will always cherish this moment. But even without this memory, the building looks amazing. Again, the mosaic above the entrance is stunning. The Art Nouveau style is easily recognisable, it’s a style that you see more often in Prague. One of the painter’s that decorated this building is Alfons Mucha. He is defenitely my favourite painter from the Czech Republic (that’s why I put one of his paintings as a cover for this post).



4. The Lennon Wall 


One day we were just strolling around in the city and ended up at the John Lennon Wall. I actually didn’t even know that you had something like this in Prague, but a lot of people were standing there and taking pictures, so it must be something famous, I thought. The wall is filled with graffiti texts and lyrics of The Beatles. I find this wall very special, especially nowadays when the global problems seem to get worse and people act less understanding towards each other.  I really believe that we needed artists like the Beatles-members in the past, and we still need it now, to remind ourselves that we should live in a world where love and peace are the most important values in our society. I love how the word ‘coexist’ is written with symbols of three of the major religions in the world, because it is indeed possible to coexist, not just with people from those religions, but with everyone!


5. Food and drinks in Prague


Unfortunately, I haven’t tasted a lot of the typical Czech food, because I usually eat vegetarian food. Nazim did have goulash in a bread bowl. I liked the way it looked, so I took a picture of it. I did try Staroceske Trdlo (what a difficult name!) with ice cream and strawberries in it. It was super sweet and quite difficult to eat. Although I liked the flavour, I wouldn’t try it again, because your hands get super sticky because of the sugar. What I did like in Prague are the homemade lemonades that they make in almost every restaurant we’ve been at. One of the restaurants we’ve dined is ‘Cerná Madona’. Next to the fact that the restaurant has delicious food, I love the style of the restaurant. It’s bright, it looks clean, and has a lot of geomatrical patterns. And I love, LOVE, patterns.



This was it for this post! If you curious about what else we did in Prague, stay tuned for the video!




Author: Nino Natroshvili

Violinist and student at the Utrecht Conservatory, the Netherlands.

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