My 2017’s favourites

Ok guys, it’s a wrap, 2017 has officially ended! I know that it has been already 7 days ago, but I still want to wish everyone a happy new year! Currently, I’m in Georgia for the holiday visiting my family. I felt like I had to write something on the blog, but I couldn’t quite figure out what. Yesterday I watched a lot of vloggers on Youtube and got inspired to do a ‘2017’s favourites’. I realised that I haven’t really spent an article about me personally. Of course, everything that I write is from a personal perspective, but I always write about a specific subject. I thought this might also be a nice way to get to know me better ;) So let’s get started!



Before I would name my favourite song of 2017 I decided to check which song I listened to the most on Spotify. With Wrapped, you can check which artists, genres and songs you have been listening to the most. I had to laugh, because the song that I thought would be the song that I listened to the most, really turned out to be the song I had listened to the most! 2017 was the year that a lot of Dutch hip-hop artists dropped an album. I never used to listen to Dutch hip-hop, but I kinda got into it this year. One of the songs that I really like (also apparently the song that I listened to the most) is called ‘Jouw Seizoen’ by Ronnie Flex. It has a nice summer vibe and that’s also the reason why I’ve been listening to it a lot in the summer.


One piece (and composer!) that I discovered is the Musicalisches Concert nr. 1, written by a German Baroque composer: Schieferdecker. One night I was scrolling through the Youtube universe and found this beautiful chaconne, one of the movements of this piece. After I heard the piece I decided that it was one of the pieces that would end on my ‘to-play list’. It is such a beautiful movement, especially from 2:12 until the end!


I had to think about this one because I don’t always watch series, but whence I get started on it, I can’t stop. With a Netflix account, it’s not that difficult to get addicted to binge-watching. If I would have to choose one serie that I really enjoyed it would have to be Gotham. Even though I haven’t really read a lot of DC comics, I like the characters in those comics. Gotham focusses on James Gordon’s early days in the Police Department while we see Bruce Wayne as a child, who will later become Batman. Through the episodes we see a lot of other DC-characters develop themselves in their iconic appearances. I think every character has an interesting story to tell, that’s why this serie appealed to me that much.


The best thing that I’ve bought in 2017 is definitely my violin case (from BAM), that I needed for my second instrument. I was looking for a case that was compact, not too heavy, waterproof and not too pricey. I found all of those qualities in this case. The case is black and fits a violin, shoulder rest, two bows and has a little bag for your rosin, strings and pencil. On the back, it has a compartment to put sheetmusic (or a laptop!) in.


One beauty product that I have been using the entire year – literally every single day – is the Moisture Surge cream from Clinique. The reason I love this cream is that it hydrates your skin and doesn’t make your skin shiny (because it’s oil-free). The cream-gel can be used during the day, but also in the night, whatever you prefer. I like using it during the day, before I put any makeup on my face. A huge plus for me is that this cream doesn’t have any particular smell. That’s perfect for me as I tend to get nauseous with specific smells.


I’ve noticed that this year I discovered a new favourite shop: Sissy Boy. I love the style of clothing they sell in the shop, it has something feminine and the quality of clothes is much better than what you find in shops like H&M and Bershka. The only this is that the clothing is not the cheapest so I’m not always able to buy something there. However, there’s sale on their webshop now, so… Next to the clothing they sell, they also have a HOMELAND department with a lot of beautiful accessories for your interior!


It’s not entirely fair, but with my favourite fashion trend, I have to name two things: the loose pants and turtleneck shirts and sweaters.  The loose pants have been perfect for the summer and the turtleneck shirts are perfect for the winter! Next to the fact that those fashion pieces are comfortable to wear, they also give a sophisticated look.


The app that I have been using a lot is, as you can guess as a musician, Spotify! What I like about Spotify is that you can get to know a lot of new artists and listen to an entire album, as suppose to just one piece or one song. I also like the fact that you can download an album and listen to it offline (if you want to save internet data or when you’re abroad). Especially with classical music, there isn’t always a (good) recording of a piece on Youtube, which can be a pity. A lot of the times I do find those pieces on Spotify.

Thanks again for reading the blog lovely people. Hope you like getting to know me a bit better!



Author: Nino Natroshvili

Violinist and student at the Utrecht Conservatory, the Netherlands.

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