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Dear everyone,

It is with great pleasure I write my first piece on this blog for you. It has taken some time before we could get started, but we’re finally here! And.. I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you. It was about a year ago that I got the urge to share my thought in written words. Luckily I found an awesome person to do this together with, Saskia! It turned out that we had the same kind of passions and ambitions and that we both wanted to write, so what better idea than to combine this in a shared blog?

Before I begin writing an actual blog, I want to use this opportunity to introduce myself a little bit. So, my name is Nino Natroshvili (my surname may seem difficult, but it’s not that hard, try it ;)) and I was born in Georgia. For some, it might explain my first name, for some it might not. I’ll explain it to you guys. I think Georgia is the only country in which they use Nino, as supposed to Nina, as an official female name. So.. only in Georgia people immediately know that I’m a girl. I’ve had some funny moments concerning my name in the Netherlands. I don’t know how many times I’ve shown up somewhere to meet a person that thinks that he’s going to meet a guy. I like these moments because they’re the perfect ice breaker.

To make a long story short, we moved to the Netherlands when I was two years old. At that age, I could already speak quite well (I was in my ‘blablablabla’ period) so I didn’t have the difficulty of having to start to speak my language. My baby sister was born in Friesland (shout out to Friesland!), but we grew up in the northern town Groningen (even bigger shout out to Groningen!). Yes, it was a lovely town to grow up in.

Growing up in Groningen was fun, but it became more fun when I started to play an instrument, but… that instrument wasn’t the violin. We had an electronic keyboard at home, so I started with piano lessons first. After a while, I got super psyched, because we finally got a real piano at home. ‘Now I can start playing cool stuff’, I thought. It was a cool transitional period for me because it felt like I was playing a new instrument. The piano keys felt heavier and the sound was more organic. For a few years I had fun with playing the piano, but at a certain point, I started to lose interest in studying. That was the moment my mum decided to motivate me in choosing a different instrument. First, I decided that my next instrument would be flute, but my little sister somehow convinced me that I should try violin first – and I’m glad she did! I still remember how enthusiastic I was when we got my first violin from the luthier. My teacher told me not to play the violin immediately, without having my first lesson. Well, of course, I didn’t listen to that. I unpacked the case, took the violin and bow out and played. That definitely must have been the ugliest sound I’ve heard in my life. Was this the lovely instrument that I heard on the radio? Thankfully I continued playing and practising, and I also started to enjoy it! And now, fourteen years later, I started my master studies at the conservatory, for which I am grateful. There’s not one day that I don’t listen or play or sing music and I love it! Let’s start sharing this love, I hope to see you in my next blog!

x Nino

Author: Nino Natroshvili

Violinist and student at the Utrecht Conservatory, the Netherlands.

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